Would you Embarrass your child like this ???

Would you Embarrass your child like this ???

dcsu7cyhidsy76c6tghyre7cdsceccddsOkay watch the clip below……


Now that you have said “dammmmmnnnn” OR “well I bet her little behind won’t act bad in school no more.” I want you to ask yourself if this is taking the whole “parenting thing to far?” Now I am not saying the mother was wrong for coming up to her child’s school and embarrassing her that way but to film it and then upload it to facebook? I have had my share of moments in which my mother came up to the school yelling at me in front of everyone in school. I felt like crap but a month later I was old news and we were all on to the next child being embarrassed.

Making this video and then uploading it to me is doing wayyyyyy tooooo much, because once this video was uploaded it went viral. So even when mommy wants to play nice and take the video down it will still be up for the free world to see. Everyone now knows this little girls face and her full name thanks to her mom, so even in ten years this video will still be up on the web and still a total embarrassing moment for the child.

Share your thought….do you think the mom was right for posting this video on the web?