Years Beyond Appropriate Tears

Years Beyond Appropriate Tears

While my childhood room may look like someone hurled Pepto-Bismol all over the walls,  I can assure you I am all for breaking gender stereotypes.  Just ask my dad. He gets extremely frustrated every time I come home and hang in my window a sex doll named Brad, whom I dressed in a black dress and bra with a sign exclaiming “screw gender stereotypes” taped to his stomach. My dad takes the classic stance of “What will the neighbors think?”.  Uh, maybe they will think that I am extremely accepting, open-minded, and downright awesome, and thus they feel so guilty for not coming to my graduation party that they leave me everything in their will?

Even though my dad may not be, I like to think that I am genuinely accepting and supportive of the demolition of gender stereotypes for the most part. Yet I will admit that I would rather have copious amounts of steak shoved down my throat (I guess it would help to mention that I am a vegetarian and therefore very opposed to that) than listen to guys constantly weep over silly problems. Of course it annoys me when women do that as well, but more so with guys I date.  I really appreciate when guys feel comfortable enough around me to let their emotions freely flow, but if those free-flowing emotions involve  free falling tears about something not tear worthy, then count me out.

What is not tear worthy you may ask? Well, this is just my not so humble opinion, but anything other than something serious like a death, deadly disease, or the fact that the world’s chocolate supply is slowly running out (true story, look it up) is an unacceptable reason for a guy to cry.  There is only room for one overly emotional person in a relationship, and I call dibs on being that person from the start.  If I were not this type of person, then my view on guys I date who cry would probably be a bit different.

I believe that everyone should release their emotions since that is only healthy, and I acknowledge that sometimes crying is the only way a person knows how. It is certainly one of the only ways I know, other than consuming about 6 bottles of extra creamy whipped cream in 10 minutes.  Yet if anyone, guy or girl, consistently cries more than once a month over fairly insignificant things that will not matter at all next month, that is just not acceptable to me.

I once made a guy cry, not purposefully, four times in one week. Four. Freaking. Times. Obviously this made me feel a tad powerful, and I can see how this information may lead one to the conclusion that I am a cold-hearted bitch. But no need for alarm dear readers, I am in fact only a tepid -hearted bitch. Besides, I mostly yelled at the dude for not interfering at all when a guy was blatantly harassing my friends and me on the street, a much needed reason for reprimand if you ask me.

The whole crying thing does not just go for guys. I get super uncomfortable and then rather annoyed when anyone cries over anything I deem unworthy, which I totally recognize is hypocritical of me since just this weekend I literally cried over spilled milk on my jacket. All I am saying is I think we should all try, myself included, to limit the tears a tad people.

I am going to leave you lovelies now, and while I know that is utterly devastating news, there is no need to cry. I will be back soon, so save your tears until your cat dies or something.